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The Swifts have become very good at using their possession during the super shot time. With Fraser on the court they were even better. It would have been so easy to panic with ATN and Glasgow landing all those super shots but they learnt their lesson from the Giants draw last season. A well-deserved win and great to see Akle making better substitutions. Garbin and Fraser were great. I’d love to see Sophie push on for the starting bib but historically she’s had a drop in form after big games, hopefully that won’t happen next week. Hadley and Proud should both be in the Diamonds.

ATN was really good this week, the best she’s played for Fever in ages. I think this is actually a good loss for them. They should probably consider going back to using Cosh more at WA, she was great in the final quarter. I thought taking Fowler off would be a terrible move but Glasgow and ATN really rewarded the faith.