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Ian Harkin
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This is the last round before the playoff to find the winner of each mini-league. The top 2 in each league qualify…

Pool A – Round 9 Matchup

Abymum vs Heather M
sjpoeton vs Clayhay
Georgia Doyle vs Nanator
Alleycat vs Emily McMillan
Hayley vs Kelly Walker

Abymum qualified for playoff. Nanator & Kelly Walker both with a chance of qualifying for the play off


Pool B – Round 9 Matchup

Marksa7 vs Stacy-kaye Brown
Louisa Connolly vs sisi nomgca
Eve Cobbett vs Ian
Netball Tasmania staff vs fayth.doherty
Bagsnotcentre vs James

Ian’s qualified and 5 players still have a chance of taking the 2nd qualifying spot: Marksa7, Louisa Connolly,
fayth.doherty, James, Bagsnotcentre, sisi nomgca


Pool C – Round 9 Matchup

David Munro vs Toni Dunn
Shawn Murdock vs Vanessa Bryson
NettySuperFan vs Gavin C
Jess Mascilo vs Moley02
Kevin Francis vs Izzy Orford

Three-way race for the top 2 positions between Moley02, NettySuperFan and Gavin C. Moley02 with the
advantage with a very superior points difference.


Pool D – Round 9 Matchup

Ally Alexander vs Daylon Seakins
Afableco vs Zara
Emma Cooper vs Netballfrog
erin tank vs Amelia Barnes
Emma Redley vs Erin Upson

Daylon Seakins & Netballfrog have qualified for the playoff in top 2 positions, last round of games not affecting
the playoff qualification.


Pool E – Round 9 Matchup

Waylay vs Cake
montyb vs Audrey Litster
Sophie Taylor-Denton vs Fluffy
BettyB vs Vicky Smith
Eden vs Amyrmy

6 teams with the chance to finish in the top 2 position, Cake with the advantage going into the last round
however, Eden, Sophie Taylor-Denton, Amyrmy, Vicky Smith and Montyb all with the chance of finishing in the
top 2 positions.


Pool F – Round 9 Matchup

Richard Hendricks vs Thunder123
khlow97 vs Swifts1
Zac vs mosully88
Snowy vs Becky Deeming
Spacecowboy vs Brig

Spacecowboy and khlow97 take the top 2 positions for the playoff, Spacecowboy undefeated going into
the last round.


Pool G – Round 9 Matchup

LucyClaire vs emdash
Montyandpoppy vs Statler
Amy vs esme elizabeth
Sam vs Laura Ellis
Ali Mulrooney vs Kat

4 teams with a chance to finish in the top 2 positions. Key matchup between Ali Mulrooney and Kat, should Kat
win, all 4 teams have the chance to take the top 2 spot, and it will come down to results of Sam and LucyClaire’s