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Yes, you’re right Maryann, the Victorian Department of Health’s ‘Exposure site’ map shows sites dated from Thursday 8th July when those removalists came to Melbourne from Sydney and didn’t comply with the requirements of their permit.

Melbournians were moving around a lot before the lockdown. The city was bustling, cafes and restaurants were full (and not practicing physical distancing in a lot of cases) and sports events were allowed with large crowds. All allowed.

I played nervous nelly and barely went anywhere. I went to work and to the gym (both were a bit scary but I tried to do the right thing all the time). Even tho’ I could have gone the Vixens games in the weekends leading up to the lockdown I didn’t because I didn’t know how full the stadium would be (75% that last weekend) and didn’t know what they were doing to control the crowds at the entrances to ensure physical distancing. Did you see photos of the crowds at the entrance to the MCG for that Carlton-Geelong game? No barriers to ensure physical distancing, people without masks. Yikes.

And this is where we got to.

Just heard an epidemiologist from Uni of South Australia said he thought Melbourne’s lockdown would last till the end of August…. Yikes again.