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Watson is effective against a moving circle like in the con cup due to her fast reflexes. Ie the Oz circle was Austin and Koenan. Wood is also a moving circle shooter. Not so effective against tall shooters who can out leap her. In saying that, a lot of the time it appears to me that she is closer than three feet, or jumping in, but it doesn’t seem to get called. Maybe she just has extra long arms?

Not saying at all that she shouldn’t be in the Ferns, just saying against the likes of Fowler and Aitken you’ll get the same outcome as yesterday’s game. In which case Jury who is taller, might be a better option if Watson is not able to counter the high ball.

In yesterday’s game I don’t think the Tactix, in particular, failed to slow down the ball. I thought Ellen and Poi played quite well. In fact the mystics subbed off Toeava and it was a pretty even match up that Poi had with Earle .