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Yeah the shooting percentages from some of these shooters are ugly to look at. I really hope Maia is fine and just needs a rest. 17/29 is really scary, considering how she was tracking early in the season.

Whatever she’s dealing with I hope she has the support she needs. I’d really consider leaving her out of the ferns, for her own sake, even for just the Roses test series (if that’s happening). I’d go with Nweke, then Dunn or Mes. Mes is capable of being a dominant shooter if in GS, and Dunn, while she doesn’t exactly light up the court, is consistent and sure hands.

GA: Hume, love her court craft but she’s just too inconsistent on the shot. TPSR same boat as Hume, but has the experience. Metaurua would be my pick, but it would be a huge leap for her.


Fitzpatrick, Watson, Burger, Burley/Temu

I hope DNT stops with the 3 defender thing. You’ll need 4 at the GC, so start blooding someone like Burley who deserves a spot- Michaela and Phoenix are still far from where they need to be to get a recall.