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The Firebirds are a bit like the Vixens and the Swifts, in that players seem to be very loyal and they don’t come and go so easily. I would be very surprised to see Dwan leave. Personally I think Bueta/Dwan is a future Diamonds circle and I expect that next year they’ll start transitioning into that more. Aiken can’t play forever. Players like Dwyer and Dwan may be better off moving to Vixens but I don’t think they will.

I used to be quite critical of Sinclair but she’s really been excellent the last few weeks. Nelson/Sinclair/Browne/Jovic could be one of the strongest attacking ends in the league next year if they work on their consistency. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson ends up as the best GS in the world in a few years, her and Nweke are well above the others in their age group.