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I never thought Austin would leave Giants considering her rehab but good on her for making the move. Vixens are a great club and it’s exciting for both them and her that she will be a part of their revival. Very exciting that Letherbarrow will be able to keep her contract at Giants as well.

Wilson is a great signing for T’Birds, she’s been great for them. Their defence end is built around Sterling though, so if they can’t keep her it’s going to be tough.

Dwan vs Horjus for the starting bid would be interesting. Interesting if they’ve both signed for two years as well. They are very similar players, I’m not sure if there’s enough firepower in their circle if Potgieter would be the third shooter. It would make more sense for Dwan to go to Fever and Glasgow to go back to Adelaide. It would be so odd to see Glasgow and Wallam playing out at GA for Fever whilst Horjus/Dwan might be used in GS for T’Birds. If they can secure a more dominant and consistent GS though it could work out well, especially with Horjus out at WA.