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Dwan signed….wow.

Now some more thoughts on the Tbirds. I notice a comment NSA have been horrific. The story is they have no money, the Obst deal was for three years and good dollars and agreed by previous board. Her contract expires at the end of year and will not be renewed. Not a good Culture fit and too expensive to cut contract short. I suppose you need to talk to all players and NSA executives?

The Shammy signature only occurs with Latty, how does that happen at a professional club.

Orr will not get signed by Tbirds 1st 10, Blackman needs to look elsewhere, Watson to be rolled out again as TO and Williams reliant on Petty signature which hasn’t happened. I think there is still one more surprise addition. Potgeiger is not a happy either. Mcdonald jury is out.

Horjus to play majority of netball at WA. The shock value of a small GA has passed so will only role her in there for impact moments.

NSA pathway is broken, win all the youth championships from 15’s to 19’s but SASI unable to transition this talent into the future for Tbirds. Question is – is SASI developing players, are they supportive of TBirds or are players being encouraged to go elsewhere? Blackman probably is a good example, how many years at SASI, how many years as TP, what guidance and direction has she got. National squads to be announced this week even though there has been no Nationals for 2.5 years.

NSA club system broken as two clubs dominate both on the court and off. NSA have head in sand to make any changes. I bet my Tbirds scarf who will play in GF next year.

Just thoughts from a TBird fan, enjoy the horoscopes.

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