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Yeah when I saw Lewis was suddenly following Vixens last night I was confident it would be her.

Not sure how to feel about this one. I guess they wanted a circle defender with SSN experience.

I thought Lewis didn’t look great this year but in her defence it’s hard to get thrown on for 5 minutes here and there and do a whole lot. Also suspect Lewis is moving for the minimum contract after all Vixens have the new Diamonds captain and would have thrown everything at Austin to fix their GA problem.

I did like what I saw of Lewis in 2019/20 so hopefully the change of scenery helps her return to that level.

I actually thought Lewis was older than she is. Born in 1999.

I was very surprised when she made the Australian Development Squad this year. But imagine she was selected more based on her 2019/20 form.

I expect the first circle change next year for Vixens will be to move Eddy in which is exciting. Moloney is a great WD so let’s see more of that.

Overall it’s a really strong team and much more balanced than this year.