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So this is the squad for the Constellation cup and their current status as far as NZ squads/availability was as of tonight –

Karin Burger
Gina Crampton Injured
Ameliaranne Ekenasio Unavailable
Monica Falkner NZA
Sulu Tone-Fitzpatrick Injured
Maddy Gordon
Claire Kersten
Bailey Mes Unavailable
Kimiora Poi
Shannon Saunders
Whitney Souness NZA
Jane Watson Injured
Maia Wilson

If Noels had gone with the same squad, as some have suggested Metuarau would not have gotten a start. Those in NZA may have claimed a place if L4 had not erupted back here. Of note, 2 of the 4 Auckland group injured themselves at this competition showing that coming straight out of the lockdown and into serious training was not the way to go. I think we can be thankful it did not happen to more of the team.

TPSR stood up really well this series, best I have seen for a long time.
Wilson held it together well given she was being monstered.
Saunders was the best midcourt by far.
Toeava and Poi didn’t make an impact when they came on. Back to their work ons.
Kersten doesn’t do enough to take the ball up the court to the shooters.
Winders needed to shut the WA down more.
Burger was not tight enough on SDL – she had way too much freedom
Jury has improved immensely as GK, as GD she is too slow against a nippy GA.

Plenty to work on, there may not be any more International netball this year but hopefully good solid training camps will be able to be held. It may mean that squad members need to relocate to another part of the country (probably SI) for an extended period of time.

My MVP would have been SDL