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It was a shame the ferns had so many injuries during the series. I wish the Aucklanders had gotten their government exception earlier to fly down and train together. A “risk assessment” should have been expedited, because honestly it wouldn’t take more than 48 hours for someone to review the information, make a decision and sign off. When we talk about support for women’s sport, these are the tangible ways that the government can provide support – it’s not just money or stadiums that are required.

England – Jade Clarke was always going to be included in the team but she is now pushing for a starting 7 position. Guthrie looks like the starting WD (rather than C) – i assumed Cobden had it sewn up, and while she was good, Guthrie is more menacing at WD and makes a more formidable combination with Clarke than Cobden. I think Cardwell and SDL have the 3rd and 4th shooting spots, mainly due to versatility and movement that Thirlby will want. Cardwell can hold quite well also.

Silver Ferns – they need more practice playing against a 1on1 defence. The attacking players were clearly uncomfortable and made too many errors. Burger had a quiet game 3 but putting Jury at GD was not the right move, especially on SDL. Jury is much more effective at GK, it’s just that Cardwell had the better of her that time. Didn’t Burger ever play GK? Tong is a bit short for GK, I hope she finds her niche in GD/WD. Everyone is hating on Kersten but i think that’s the game that DNT wants from her – moving the ball around and releasing the pressure when required, rather than being a play maker or running a muck. Problem was that Saunders got shut down by Guthrie in that second half. I do prefer seeing Poi in there though because i think she handles the 1on1 defence much better due to her superior fitness. Again, wish Heffernan got a chance, even at WD since Laura Malcolm is also quite a tall WA. And Winders lost her potency in the second half. Grace should have gotten a second chance, particularly in that 4th quarter. Saunders used to play with Fowler so should be good to feed a tall holding shooter.