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I really wanted to start this as a separate thread to get more eyes on it but for some reason my posting isn’t working.

Anyways, I think Liz’s comments are a bit generalised for this situation. CBass was in NZ last year (and was hampered by the knee injury) and now she is having double knee surgery in Aus. Those circumstances have definitely made it more difficult and taking into consideration teams’ desire to keep building on their current shooting circles, I think she had a difficult time getting a contract. so I don’t think the ‘CBass is not good enough’ comment was really warranted by Liz. Also agree that she has been crapped on by Australian netball to some extent.

Any team would be lucky to have her as a training partner, allowing their younger shooters and defenders to learn so I think as long as CBass is willing to take a TP contract in Aus and makes that known, she shouldn’t have a problem getting some training under her belt. On top of that, if things need to be changed within a team, she could get promoted to the game day 10. I think Thunderbirds are probably the best candidate for that since Potgieter is a bit inconsistent.