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Updated tweet thread

CBass: Hey Liz, it’s hard to show you are ‘good enough’ when getting sat on the bench & pigeon holed into a rebounding role. How can a player be ‘good enough’ to be in the Australian Squad but not make the court in SSN? 🤔

Liz: Caitlin they are excellent questions that I don’t have the answers to. They are probably best answered by the people who make the recruiting decisions. I can only surmise by the fact that you don’t have a contract that they deemed you not good enough. I was asked my opinion and I gave it. It’s ok if you don’t agree. As I also said it is a difficult and disappointing situation for you and I am concerned about the lack of a feeder competition into the SSN that you could play in to prove yourself. At the end of the day no one has a right to an SSN contract.

Happy to talk further about this if you want to call me (not exactly sure when this came up in the thread)

CBass: Never said I have a right to a contract and respect everyone has a right to their opinion however my concern is the bigger picture – that Australian athletes are not getting the opportunities- the only way players are going to get better is by being out there on court

Liz: Well then we have the same concern don’t we? But propose different solutions. I like the unlimited import rule. If it means that an ex Diamonds captain can’t get a contract then so be it. But I would like there to be a way for you to play your way in.

By way of a revamped Australian Netball League that gives Australian players the opportunity to play at a higher standard than State League. It needs to be reinstated as a matter of urgency.

CBass: You like the unlimited import rule because you no longer play netball & it doesn’t impact your position. I think the imports bring amazing talent but I also believe that we have equally talented Aussie athletes, I would love more options to help them achieve their netball dreams.

Liz: Aah no. It’s not about me. I like the unlimited import rule because the intention when SSN was set up was to have the best players in the world play here. In the best league in the world. Part of that deliberate strategy was having the ANL to foster emerging talent to help them.

Achieve their netball dreams. I worry that it is no longer available. Like I said earlier we both have the same concerns but propose different solutions. All part of the debate.

If someone would be kind enough to start a new topic with the article link and the above tweets (or I can copy them in afterwards actually) that’d be great. Really interested to hear people’s thoughts but my account won’t let me start a new topic