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Siouxsie Que
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I’m not on Twitter nor can I see The Courier Mail article but IMO if the Tweeted conversation is ‘as above’ then I think Liz Ellis has gone way too far. It is not just about imports (which are a huge issue for 1 particular position – GS), it also about game plans, the 2 point shot and the fact that C Bass is having knee surgery on both knees which is ‘double the risk’ re: recovery. It is not just about being ‘not good enough’. Poor form from an influential ex Captain with no concern for mental well being. It is OK to have a discussion but a bit more sensitivity could have been used. IMO having the concentration of imports at GS is not a good outcome for Australian netball at an international level and down the line could have implications. I like the fact we have imports but the issue needs to be looked at. Just having Aussie GS in the ANL prevents GS connections with the centre court and GA being made at the ‘higher level’ of SSN. Additionally, the expectation is that a GS at ANL can step up to International level with nothing inbetween. All our eggs are in 1 basket at the moment and that is Koenan. Garbin is unlikely to get a lot of exposure at GS in the SSN if Nelson keeps improving. Would a potential Australian GS even want to aim for that position with the current situation or focus on being developed into any other position on the netball court?