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@gwalk11 – CBass played well in the NZ comp, the problem was other than Grace Kara who was out a lot with an injury, none of the magic midcourt knew how to feed her. She also had a fantastic game against Jane Watson and Karin Burger, making the case for her selection to the Australian squad very clear.

Personally, I would hate to see imports limited – I do like that we have the best netball league in the world. But if that is the stated goal of SSN, then Netball Australia definitely need to work on alternate development pathways for Australian netball players so they can play and get experience at a sufficient level to be able to play international games. I don’t know how you’d implement this in terms of regulations, but there should be a requirement that any international players are at least as good as any Australian signing options.

I also think Liz Ellis was overly harsh – seemed unnecessary to bring up Caitlin’s lack of contract and imply that Caitlin thought she was entitled to a contract, her tweet still conveys her points without those two sentences.