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The real issue for Cbass is not so much the unlimited imports as the squads of 10 and the fact she only plays GS.

With 10 you need all the players to either be THE very best or flexible across more than 1 position.

All teams have incumbent GS (MJ, Nelson, Harten, Fowler, Potgeiter, Aiken, Wallace, Koenen) with existing game plans – in fact other Diamonds / Diamonds Dev squad members have shifted clubs in search of court time (Garbin, Dwan). For Cbass to be attractive to a club she would need to fit the plan & be better than the incumbent (or bring something else special – beyond the obvious experience & Diamonds ex- captain).

I don’t think I would have recruited her to replace any of these players (except maybe Potgeiter) and I would probably want a youngster on the bench who can play both GS & GA to gain experience rather than someone who has already made clear that they don’t like bench-sitting (understandably) and can only play as a holding shooter (albeit excellent at that)

Teams of 12 would be part of the answer – together with an viable ANL competition (& maybe a couple more teams) – but that all requires $$$$ which seem to be an issue.

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