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As harsh as Liz words were I don’t really disagree with them.
CBass is far from the player she was, I think someone here even mentioned 2011 WC… that was 10 years ago! She is not the same player or anywhere near in fact.
Injuries aside I don’t think she’s been at or near her best for a while and really don’t understand how so many are shocked she didn’t make it.

The diamonds are clearly in a rebuild phase, as well as netball as a whole seems to be moving away from the one-dimensional holding GS so I think CBass only strength is no longer relevant. It would also be a sideways if not backwards step in our development as a team.

Is she clearly hurt? Yes. Do I feel for her? Absolutely. But this is professional netball and sometimes athletes need to know when to bow out.

Her attitude whether you want to justify it or not over the last few years has been pretty poor. I recall her sitting on the sidelines reading a book when she was out injured instead of being involved in her team/the game. Angry at the coach or not you are a part of a team and a leader of the sport and that is unacceptable.
As a coach I wouldn’t want to bring someone like that in to my side.