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One of the major reasons Bassett wasn’t signed IMO is squad sizes. With teams of 10 you can’t have two specialist GSs. Bassett can’t run out at GA. The only teams where you could move the GS to GA if needed would be Lightning and Giants. Well Bassett has been there done that. The only starting GS I could make an argument that Bassett is stronger than is Potgeiter but even that would be tough. So that limits Bassett to being signed as the 3rd shooter in the ten who needs to be versatile.

Injury aside Bassett’s form has not been great in recent years. That can’t be blamed all on the feeding to her. Especially when you look at the caliber of players she had ahead of her.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen Bassett go to Super League. Will be very interesting to see what move she makes. Does she really want to be a TP? Ask any TP. It’s an extremely tough gig.

As for Dwyer being the reason Giants made finals. Huge part yes but not the only reason. Hay was superb this year. Their defence was also much improved. Dwyer is a brilliant player and I’m completely unsurprised as to what she did this year. Next year will be key. Dwyer played a lot of GS when she was younger so when you watch you can see she has a bit of work to go on the play making side (if you were to compare her to Austin say) but it’s improving each game as you’d expect. I feel it’s really what Swifts identified and exploited in the GF. Turner was huge and made Dwyer do a lot of work that she is not used to.