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Proud is a recent inclusion in the Dimaonds squads/extended teams so I don’t know how much crossover she would’ve actually had with Watson on court. Especially with Watson’s recent injury. Either way, Watson is a shoe in for the CWG so I would’ve included Proud anyways to test her and also allow Watson to return to full 60 minute games gradually.

I am concerned about the GS position to be frank. Koenan is great when she’s on but we’ve seen her outplayed by the opposing GK before and in this team, who would we turn to for a 60 minute performance at the CWG? None of the other players have spent legitimate time in the GS position. Garbin is the closest we have and her court time at GS let alone GA was very sparse this year. I just feel we’re missing that calm and dependable head (I won’t say experienced because Bueta/Wood have been involved for a while) in the shooting circle.

I also agree regarding Klau/Turner and Bruce/Aryang. I think we’ve pushed Klau and Bruce out to GD enough times to know that there are better alternatives. But I do wonder what the chances are realistically that they drop Weston. She is the most experienced GD in the team and can cover all defensive three positions.