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I happy for this series for Jamaica even though they are having heavy losses. Would really love if Jamaica can play Australia or New Zealand before the Commonwealth Games.
The mid court under performed, but I am sure it will be better when Nicole Dixon returns to cover C/WA. Latanya was a revaluation at C, after Paula Thompson retired the team lacked a tall defensive center to counter the likes of a New Zealand team and a English team that play very strong defensive mid court structures. Latanya played the C at the Sunshine Series and has really improved in a month. With more time she will be gunning, so even though Jamaica was out played they were forced to experiment. I am sure last month when Latanya played in C alot of eyebrows were raised, but Connie Francis was looking ahead.
Shanice looked really good a WA last week, as such we need another strong GA option. Rebecca displayed positive signs 4 years ago during the 2018 com games, but needs to up her presence and physicality.
Jodi-ann was needed to add options at the WD and GD, was surprise she did not travel and it seems she is taking a break.
Jamaica will improve by Com games and will be way more competitive, and may even pull off a surprise or two, but I think success will actually come until 2023