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@Nesian any goss from your contacts about trials?

I saw TPSR in addition to Hume and Falkner in some of the other trials clips so she was there.

re MRB’s lockdown indiscretions, I’m hoping her elevation to the Ferns is her response to that incident – I’m hoping we’re seeing a maturing of a bright young player.

For all the comments about this Quad Series side, I actually think a lot of the CWG team is locked in. My thoughts below with the final additions in brackets.

(Ekenasio), Metuarau, Nweke, Wilson
Crampton, Saunders, (Poi – yes, I’m still holding out hope), Winders
Burger, Jury (one of Johnson or Karaka, Rore)

Remember for NWC ‘19 Mes hadn’t played in any of the series since Taurua took over following CWG, and Saunders, Rore and TPSR were all recalls. There is still time and opportunity via the ANZP to stake a claim.

Realize I don’t have current VC Fitzpatrick in the team of 12, but we can only have one sole GK in the side and Jury’s height and lean (and fitness from spending the ANZP season out at GD) gets her the gig for me at the moment.

I have full faith that Rore will return to peak form and fitness – she’ll want to right the wrongs of Gold Coast. If Johnson gets the nod I hope those bloody knees are sorted. And with Eke she will still be pretty fresh post baby, but I think her maturity, clarity and calmness at this stage in life will be hugely valuable to the team on and off the court.