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I agree about Nweke but she wasn’t quite there against England so if DNT sees this as a build up to CWG, she should try to give Nweke more court time. But if she is trying to win, i think she’ll opt for Wilson, assuming she is back to her previous form. Nweke’s foot work, ball handling and body positioning has improved a lot but still not good enough against the world’s best. I worry about how she’ll go against the likes of Bruce and Klau who are so physical and quite good against the holding shooters. I hope she gets a run against them, even if we lose.

Although i would like to see Vui and MRB given a go, realistically, they are less likely to make the CWG team so i don’t think we should waste valuable international court time “blooding” them. Rather, i would leave the best 7 (+/- the impact players) out on court, even if they’re losing, to put pressure on them to try to get themselves out of trouble.

With Cullen and Karaka, i also have my reservations about their selection, but i have faith that DNT would have only picked them because they were good enough to make the team in the trials, rather than historical form. So I’ll save my criticism until I’ve seen them out on court ;)

I’m really really looking forward to these games. I will be so devastated if they cancel the series.