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Andrew Kennedy
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I don’t think I can bare waking up at 3.15am to watch anything but a world cup final. Anyway, I would be expecting


Koenen, Wood, Watson, Price, Braz, Weston, Bruce. My biggest surprise on court would be Garbin

NZ – a much harder thing to call

Nweke, Metuarau, Crampton, Saunders, Winders, Burger, Fitzpatrick

My rationale for the Aus team is that Braz MUST have been picked as a specialist WD which makes the rest of the team obvious. I wouldn’t doubt seeing Bueta or Klau.

For the NZ I don’t know if Wilson has solved her issues in shooting accuracy which basically dissolved her team’s chance in the ANZP in 2021. I like the idea of Johnson having impact at WD and Jury at GK at the right time. Crampton and Saunders are the experienced engine and Fitzpatrick’s experience and great season I think gives her the start over Jury at GK. Still, Jury is a great injection at either GD or GK now and out of all defenders in this whole comp her reach is the most intimidating.

So many changes and newbies in SA so I’ll skip that one but for England

Cardwell, Housby, Haythornthwaite, Guthrie, Cobden, Guscoth, Mentor

I find this line-up really confusing without seeing their training and the whole season, because honestly I think Fisher is a much better target than Cardwell, and both Clarke and Usoro-Brown could be thrown in for sentimental reasons, but I would leave them as impact players. I also still rate Pitman as better than Haythornthwaite, even though the latter is the vice captain. Remember, England is a country across all sports that goes to veterans rather than youth as their habit in tight situations.

Probably a tight win to Aus, and an easy win to Eng.