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Braz was outstanding, held both Winders and Crampton when she was marking them. Saunders played a better game midcourt than either of the two. Would Poi have made a difference – I don’t believe so, she is not the same player that returned from the Magpies and spends a lot of time floating on court.
Wilson had a decent game, Nweke needs to settle down when things don’t go her way and learn not to so obviously contact/push off the opposition defence. I didn’t think Metuarau had a bad game either, lots of learnings to be had against such a fast nimble defensive outfit who go for absolutely everything.
Fitzpatrick still returning from injury. Burger had a strong game, particularly at WD. Johnston came back at WD better than I expected, needs to clean up the contact though, the game has moved on from when she used to get away with so much of it. Did well in GD. Karaka looked pretty sharp for the short time she was on.

I do think, given the amount of time NZ players have spent isolated, training in garages and alone in the last two years that it was inevitable the team would be behind the eight ball. Two 4? day training camps in the best part of two years is really impacting on the team unity.

Final Comment – The Diamonds need to check the length and or/shape of their finger nails!