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    I haven’t seen the South Africa game only the NZ game so am interested in some thoughts on the Diamonds from those that have.

    Turner v Aryang? Who stood out? I feel like they may be fighting for the same spot in the Comm Games Team.

    Moloney v Price? Same as above looks like they will be fighting for the same spot on the Comm Games Team. Happy to read Moloney played WD, she has been training there for Vixens so we may see her switch more between C and WD this year. I would expect that would help her form as it’s easily her stronger position IMO. As I said I haven’t seen the match but based on their SSN seasons Price should be ahead.

    Does the current shooting line up have enough back up for Bueta? Looks to me like Bueta, Wood and Koenen are locks. If Bueta is the starting GS and also back up GA is that too much of a load on her? Sure moving Bueta out let’s them rest Wood which is great but then when can Bueta be rested over a tournament? On balance the 4th shooter needs to be more comfortable at GA for me. I can’t help but think there is a reason they selected Austin in the Diamonds squad despite her injury. They just selected Watson for this tour despite having not played since Conn Cup so a similar scenario re return to play.

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