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    My two cents on SA vs AUS game
    Shooting circle took more time to gel in first quarter than first game. Gretel was running around more and came out of circle more and crowded the space. Wood played well again. I thought Moloney had a solid game (although a few loose balls). She and Hadley are quite similar in that they provide good dependable back up play to a strong WA (like Watson who wasn’t in this game). Hadley played more like a C. JLP appeared to throw a lot of ball away when she came on (in both games). Moloney did well in WD when she came on there and would have her before JLP.
    Aryang I feel marked the GA better and got her hand to a few more balls (haven’t checked GA stats tho. She had a good maiden game. Turner looked a little lost playing with unfamiliar Bruce rather than Klau. Aryang was introduced with her regular pairing with Bruce.
    I would suggest (particularly if Dwyer doesn’t get much game time against ENG) that if Austin has a strong SSN then she will be the 4th shooter and GA back up.

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