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    Was pretty happy to see Koenen and Garbin in the ring for a few minutes too, they looked pretty great! 3 tall mobile GS who have all been pushed to play a lot of GA in their SSN teams, plus Wood who also plays a mean GS. It is a lot of variety for the defenders to set up against, as they all are very comfortable changing up holding and driving and play making. I thought Hadley and Garbin looked like they had a stronger connection. Wood looked a little less spectacular in the 2nd game but perhaps I also agreed with Kim Green in commentary saying that the midcourters needed to do more work, be more clear about their drive in that first half when Wood was on.

    I think that Sunday Aryang had a very good debut- she was impressive and intimidating, great footwork, covering the drives well, looked super keen and comfortable with the intensity. Turner was good but Bruce did not come out firing as she was game 1 and I think that it made Turner tighten up a little. Turner was solid and effective. The South Africans were so good in that circle- just showed up for game 2, and played some fearless netty.

    So was a great challenge for the Diamonds and something that will be reassuring for the squad that they can play out of sticky patches, and perhaps handle loss of form or (tap on wood) any stray injuries for the tournament later in the year. And that the squad can play as a unit, with clear structures and clever ideas well executed in both attack and defence was great to see too.

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