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@ JR so if you rest Bueta by playing Koenen or Garbin at GS then Wood is still on at GA. When does Wood get a rest? It becomes tricky IMO when your first choice GS is your second choice GA and the other two shooters are stronger at GS than GA (yes I know they can both play GA). IF Wood at WA is even Marinkovich’s plans then they do need more GA cover. Of course Marinkovich may have no intentions to use Wood at WA. I’d like to see it be given a chance though. Will be very interesting to see how Marinkovich plays the selections for the shooting spots.

Of course players from outside this 15 can come in. It’s fair to think that the 15 selected are in the box seat though as they have the opportunity to press their claims through on court performance that the others don’t have. With the exception of Austin all squad members were available (and Bassett, but I am fairly confident she won’t be selected). Jenner went to Sydney for the pre departure camp so from outside the 15 she may be best placed to push for a spot in the 12 for Comm Games?

When is the team selected? For some reason I thought it was selected after 4 or 5 rounds of SSN. If that’s the case a player would have to be absolutely amazing at SSN to have a selection impact as that isn’t a lot of opportunity.

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