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    I do wish Wood had come on at WA for the final quarter. This was Watson’s second game in 12 months after major surgery and the final is tomorrow.

    I would have preferred Bruce on at GD than GK. Didn’t think Klau was doing too much wrong but rather the contest ahead of her wasn’t there. Or even Braz on at WD but understand she has had a big load and deserved a rest.

    Disappointing fade out for Australia. Hopefully they take their anger out tomorrow. Expect a different starting 7.

    Will be interesting to see who gets the nod between Moloney and Price tomorrow. I would choose Price. More comfortable in attack and the backup C needs to be that. Braz and Weston can cover WD as can Price as well of course.

    Still not convinced on this shooting foursome. I don’t really have a preference between Koenen and Garbin, just not sure I’d take both in the Comm Games team.

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