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    I know England had some sloppy passes over defenders in the first half but I feel they cleaned up their game as time
    Went on. Australia started off being a bit more careful but in the third quarter especially, they looked like they weren’t treasuring possession against a strong surge from england. They just have to be able to weather that storm. I feel like Brazill coming off left a lack of hands-over pressure and took away some fear of release. I think with Brazill and Hadley back on and together in the mid court we might see a different game tomorrow…

    On the other hand, I’m loving the different shooter combos. I’m wondering if we might see a set starting seven coming through before CwG but with a plan to do a total shooter switch halfway through as a game tactic. I loved the switch at half time in the england game for example… just throws something different at an opposition rather than just swapping out a single player as an impact player

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