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    Just watched the Silver ferns games and excited to see Johnson and Karaka back.

    As much as i like Burger, i don’t think she is ready to be the starting GD yet, especially without Watson in GK. She is still more suited to WD and wreaks havoc for her opposition there. I find that she just chases too much in GD against opposition like wood or housby, who are dominant playmakers that duck in and out of the circle. Johnson is a genuine option in GD and she looks more comfortable there, but her timing and decision making is still off, which i hope will come back after a full season in anz. She needs to find discipline with contesting ball rather than body/space when running with the GA. I wish i could have seen a bit more of karaka in GD as she seemed to be effective there. Fitzpatrick not quite the same player since her injury. Jury so much better in GK than GD but needs time to get the understanding with the GD candidates, none of whom she has played that much with in the past. Love her long reach but gets flat footed at times. Shame that Rore is moving to the magic so won’t get a chance to develop the combination with Jury at gk that she had built at the pulse.

    Crampton has been a bit quiet in the games against the roses and diamonds. But this is why we need a more attacking C because i find Gina often gets taken out of the game by the likes of Brazill or Guthrie. Winders and Kersten play C like WDs, too stationary and not presenting enough options – although i was surprised by how much better Kersten played than in previous series, while winders has had a quiet series so far. I can see what DNT likes about Kersten in that she plays a safe possession game, but this also means that her attacking play gets timid or hesitant at times. Would like to see Saunders start in C with crampton, although i love Saunders’ impact when she comes in at WA. Gordon and Poi will be training hard I’m sure.

    So great to see Wilson back to her previous form! Metuarau and Nweke with first series jitters but have only gotten better through the series. If only we got one more game against either the roses or diamonds! Would like to see Vui play even just 5 minutes. Think Eke and Wilson will start for cwg. Hope Mes is back fit in anz as she could push for a spot, although not sure if she would take place of grace or tiana…

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