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Rona Hunnisett
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@Scotty I think that’s a bit harsh on Jess- yes the meltdown was horrific, and we could probably have done better with other players on the court, but look at it another way – the changes told her how players perform under intense pressure and will have aided her selection choices moving forwards. Better to do it here than in the CWG final. It wasn’t pretty to watch but let’s hope she’s learned and will make the necessary amendments. Well done to England for contesting so closely for so much of the game – and Bueta was simply unstoppable. Marinkovich used her subs really cleverly and Brazill and Hadley were simply unstoppable: it’s the best I’ve seen Hadley ever play. I’m giving the Roses a 7/10 for yesterday’s game, but am not feeling depressed about their performance overall. Let’s face it, they beat NZ again and we now almost expect that to happen: that’a huge step change. And our shooters now regularly shoot at 80-90% – ten years ago, they were in the 40s and 50s!