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    Finally watched both games.

    Aus: really have enjoyed watching them over this series. Interested to see if this is the four shooters they’ll take. I feel the only one that will be a ? is Cara Koenan.
    Midcourt, I think will come down to JLP or Moloney. I wonder if it was an intentional thing, but I don’t recall Moloney running C with Watson at WA?
    Klau is amazing to watch, her footwork is nek level.

    NZ: I struggled to watch this game. I’m glad Maia Wilson has found form again. She’s been shooting so well this series. But when you have a very dominant shooter sitting on the bench, and know they could have won by so much more with her on, that was a bit disappointing.
    In saying that, South Africa played so well. I thought their GA had a great game, she really split open the Ferns defence.

    England: they would have learnt so much from this defeat. I was surprised by the changes. I thought she should have left those players out there, to grind it out. Mentor should not have come off, if there’s a player to bring it home for ya, it’s her.
    I think someone on here said it would have been different with Harten. I strongly disagree. Harten tightens up in pressure moments. Cardwell IMO is so strong and stable, and is very consistent. I reckon it could possibly come down to who is going to partner her in the circle – Housby or Harten?
    In saying that, that’s some good strong depth for England.

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