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    I think Metuarau and Nweke show great potential but they aren’t quite ready yet for international and need to be paired with an experienced shooting partner or a dominant playmaking WA – neither of which were available this series in my opinion. Wilson needed to concentrate on getting herself right, which she absolutely did, and crampton had a quiet series.

    I would still take Nweke for the prelim stages or for a change of attacking pace which is sometimes required. I think fourth spot is between Metuarau and Mes, depending on how Bailey comes back in to anz.

    Unfortunately, i think the 4 midcourt players we have seen this series will be the ones going to cwg. Poi and Gordon are the dark horses, but with Kersten and Winders pairing up at the magic this season, with Eke, Mes and Rore, i think this pair will make the team. I actually think this is the best I’ve seen Kersten play, while Winders had little impact. I wonder which is the two will play centre though, as playing a whole season in WD will probably jeopardise their chance, as too many stronger options there like Burger or Johnson.

    I really hope Rore comes back firing and plays GD for pulse as i think we don’t have a strong option there. I thought Jury was ok until that fourth game where she got outplayed. Fitzpatrick showing better form this game but timing still not quite there. Johnson and karaka should get better with regular court time, but karaka seems the better of the two at present.

    My ferns team prediction:



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