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@waylay that’s pretty darn close to who I would name too, agree about Sulu – she just doesn’t seem very effective at the moment the only one she was okay against was Venter who isn’t a fast mover, but even she got the better of Sulu on many occasions. I think the three shooters who played in the quad series deserve to make the squad – they’re both only going to get better the more they play,and have definitely shown they want to be there and are prepared to put the work in. Eke should be all good, she played fast 5 not long after having baby #1 and will have some actual game time under her belt by then. Middies are a tough one, I think Winders deserves to be there, but there are a bunch of others who can play wd, I’m hoping playing with Eke/Mes will give her an edge. Poi should be in, even the english commentators made numerous mentions of it throughout the quad series. Kersten is just a flat out no for me, the other two pick themselves (though Gina needs to pick her game up) Gordon a potential pick but needs to be playing more C this year

But Noels will be Noels so who knows :unsure: :scratch: :unsure: