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    In addition to the obvious player treatment, culture and inclusivity issues this raises this appears to be a very short sighted view by the FBs.

    Isn’t Folau older than Aiken? Wallam is the future. Yes I understand they have Stower and Bakewell-Doran as rookies this year so they are investing in the future to a certain extent but recruiting Folau flys in the face of that. They have Bueta to play the experienced role with Rav in the midcourt. Look at how the Thunderbirds are flying after investing in their youth.

    I really hope Wallam wasn’t encouraged to leave her home, family, friends, supportive coach in Ryan and potentially her employment on the insinuation of more.

    If squads increase to 12 on game day I hope Wallam can find an out and rely on her temporary contract expiring to rejoin Fever. They only have 4 TPs and each club can have up to 6.

    I actually do not fall in the group that believe Wallam is a Diamond in waiting. I think Wallam has a lot of work to do and is older than Garbin, Koenen and Samason but I cannot understand why FBs would do any of this for countless reasons.

    FBs had many issues on the weekend but IMO the goal circle was not the biggest. Actually I was surprised by how well they did in that regard with all things considered. Jenner’s penalty count or actually the whole team’s defensive ill discipline. Stupid blatant obstruction in the midcourt because they weren’t bothered to retreat 3 ft. Compare their penalty count to say the Vixens, it was laughable. You can’t win the ball standing out of play. They were unable to to build defensive pressure due to it. The inability to move the ball through court cleanly and basic errors by experienced players. Focus on that. Wallam had nothing to do with the FBs poor performance.

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