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    Hi Matt, how lovely, I am sure you and your daughter will have a fantastic time!

    I have not been to a Swifts game or Ken Rosewall Arena. Is that where the game you are looking at is?

    If so given it was originally built for tennis like Margaret Court Arena where the Vixens sometimes play I would be surprised if you could get a bad seat. The stadiums were built for rectangular courts unlike John Cain in Melbourne which is a multi purpose stadium and so you can definitely get obstructed views there.

    As a personal preference I would go for the corner. But that is just the angle I’d prefer to watch from than behind the goals. I have sat behind the goals many times though and always enjoyed it. Depending on how tall your daughter is and how high / low the seats are though she may struggle to see what is happening at the other end?

    Whilst I have not been to a Swifts home game I have been to home games of 4 other clubs and they all run fantastic game day events so would expect nothing less of Swifts. Hopefully a Swifts fan jump in here and advise but I’d say go early so that your daughter has a chance to look around and participate in some of the events and if she isn’t enjoying that then you can always watch the teams warm up out on court.

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