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    @TB agree with you about Jury.

    was the sky commentators Nigel & Deb? Thats who we had live stream outside NZ. Was annoying hering them rave about certain players constantly…. cough cough ( toeava) (nweke) cough cough….

    Imo i liked Mystics game better from round 1 without Nweke, yes yes gonna cop the hate but i cant stand any team that just play through the tall shooter ( likes of Nweke, Aiken and Fowler), its boring to watch, yes we get that ya heaps taller then everyone on court… sigh.

    Was also impressed with Dunn, shes looking fit and hopefully that continues throughout the season and she doesnt disappear again.

    Funnily enough i dont see Wai ever saying that the Mystics didnt win and that the Pulse lost that game…?

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