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C‘ mon @Nesian, the speculation and dummy team lists are half the fun. For the Ferns because that whole team is so wide open there’s even more added interest as to who should go to CWG.

Ekenasio – there’s a lot of the water to go under the bridge until selection. She also has a long road ahead of her and I suspect she would acknowledge that as well. By god I hope she gets there.

Hunt – Bugger for her. Surely a win for Pederson however? Even when Gordon comes back. I see Pederson posted on Instagram “my break from netball is going well”, to which Kiri Wills replied “you were on my list” 😂 I thought that was a nice interaction.

Burley – I’ve always thought a shorter defender with hops was better than a tall defender who couldn’t jump. I just feel in general the Ferns defense lack sustained pressure over the shot. We go for the big hero jump or just try double team the shooter under the post. I actually thought Jury and Manu’a did a good job defending the shot the other night.

Georgia Heffernan – Another Hume perhaps? The shooting action needs some work IMO. Maybe she could transition to WA (Adine Wilson vibes).