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Ian Harkin
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Full time: Giants 57-55

Wallace 33/37 (89%)
Housby 15/20 (75%)
Singleton 1/4 (25%)
TOTAL 49/61 (80%)

Harten 26/34 (77%)
Dwyer 28/33 (85%)
TOTAL 54/67 (81%)

Assists: Price 23, Proud 18
Gains: Klau 6, McDonell 5

POTM: Jamie-Lee Price (Giants)

Giants played the ball around for the last 72 seconds and they take the win over a surging Swifts 57-55. It was a really great game, just dampened by what happened to Sam Wallace.

Sadly, we’ve all seen it many times before. And we’ve heard that noise. The stunned gasps from the crowd today show the feeling inside the stadium. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as it appeared to be, but Sam was in a lot of pain out there. Please netball gods.