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    Pulse could have won that game. Jury got them a lot of turnover ball that they failed to convert.Dunn rock solid at the back. Must be up there with the top 3 GS in NZ. Thought the Mystics got away with several held balls at crucial times which could have tipped the game the Pulse’s way if called correctly.

    Great game by the Steel, love watching Saunders her foot speed is amazing. Johnson couldn’t contain her. I’m sure Fisher will be playing in the Suncorp league at some stage. She’s going from strength to strength.

    Wish the Sky Sport NZ coverage wouldn’t keep showing the coaches so much. Missing half the game crossing over to them and also having that coverage with a small box in the corner of the screen showing their faces which obscures the court. If anything Sky need to sharpen up on their replays of intercepts, umpire calls etc showing them in the breaks of play NOT during the live play. That would be more interesting to see. They need to watch some of the NBA coverage.

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