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    Very exciting to see that attacking end get more competitive for the Diamonds. I’d definitely have Glasgow over Garbin but that’s more end of the year. The selectors and SM will be too scared to throw too many untested players into the CWG squad. Right now, I’d go with Wood and Bueta for sure. If Wallam can stay consistent, her as well. I guess Koenan will probably be selected but I reckon she will have way more competition for her spot by the end of the year. Unfortunately, not sure there’s enough time for some of the GA’s to make their case for CWGs.

    Where did CBass say her knees are still wrecked? Shame if they can’t nab here. Maybe Folau since she’s open to returning? My opinion on her probably contrasts a lot of others but by all accounts, her past teammates have all liked her despite any other off-court issues.
    Not a lot of experienced shooters are available, maybe someone like Austin? I know she’s young but she fits the mold of a holding shooter.

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