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    Magic played well for 2 and a half quarters then the wheels fell off. Positives, good to see Mels play a full half at GA and Mes is still doing great things.

    Negatives, midcourt is still not clicking and defence is just not there when you need it.

    Tactix played as how tactix usually plays nothing spectacular but gets it done.

    Tactix also got umpired back into the game, defence circle is very dirty.

    Great first half to watch as both teams were evenly matched across the court. Last quarter was background noise whilst making dinner… I hope Magic don’t end up like last year with first round win then disappointment the rest of the comp and Tactix go from losing so much they can’t make the final to winning everything up till the final. 🙄

    Also didn’t know Bird was the tallest player in the league.

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