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Ekenasio showed how much of an influence she is, and she’s probably only running around 60ish%. She ran really well against one of NZs best GDs.
Edgecombe surprised me in the first half, but I feel Ekenasio had a lot to do with that.
I hope they keep ACD, she’d be handy to have on the bench. Her confidence will build over the season, and could push for that starting position.

Mary-Jane’s pre-match interview was interesting. Anna Stanley pointing out that she was persisting with Edgecombe at WA, even though she’s a natural WD. MJ pointed out that NZ has produced amazing WAs who started off as WDs – I would like to know who she is talking about?
Sandra Edge – C/WA
Anna Rowberry – WA/C
Adine Wilson – GA/WA
Temepara George – C/WA
Liana Leota – WA/C
Grace Rasmussen – GA/WA
Gina Crampton – WA

In saying that I feel Edgecomb has potential. One thing that stood out to me that was missing in their game, is the natural touch on the feed. Some of those balls just needed a little air on them. I thought ACD had it, but probably needed more court time to find her feet.

Mes and Ekenasio are going to be very strong combination. I look forward to seeing this combo grow.