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Lightning have major issues. They don’t appear to have the personnel in the midcourt. As good as their opposition has been to have 82 scored against them two weeks in a row is abysmal. Dehaney has done some nice things but they have no combination or unit defence. No defensive pressure through court. When Wood is back I actually think they should play a Wood -Batcheldor circle. Koenen is not at her best, dropped balls and missed short shots. In this form I’ll be surprised if she makes Diamonds. They need to dig in and fight like Swifts.

Firebirds have really come out well to start the season. They have found their defensive combination. Bake well-Doran is impressive. Jenner is going to struggle for court time. But the next two rounds will really show if they are finals contenders or not, they have Fever then Giants.

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