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@Jayceenz what a load of rubbish. “Sloth”. What does that make Nweke who I have no doubt will be going? A statue? She is the best pure shooter in the league (that doesn’t mean the best GS) she can shoot from inside and from afar and I don’t think she has ever averaged under 90% in her years in the league. Find another shooter with those stats.

As for the Magic deserving to win that too is a joke. It would have been because Mes through a hail mary which landed in the hoop.

Both teams were very physical I thought and a lot of calls were missed but you play to the whistle.

Mes has got crazy hops and easily out jumped Jury on the rebound. I was thinking either Burley or Mes had the best vertical in the league but I’d say it would be Mes after watching that. I would actually love to see her play a quarter against Nweke as I think should would get ball off her.

De Bruin was amazing considering the circumstances, I really take my hat off to her and she looked like she didn’t miss a step.