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    @Nate I’d disagree with her being the slowest in the league. I think Bird is far slower. The lazy feet steps you refer to is the same thing that Ekenasio does and I assume she has learnt it off her. I rate Wilsons footwork over Dunn as I think she takes quicker steps but I think they play very similar games , being ex-international basketballers it doesn’t surprise me. Wilson has quicker feet and is more physical (which some people don’t like but I do) Dunn, more craft and a better overall shooter. As for shooting from afar, she did lead the Fast 5 in two pointers and accuracy for NZ back whenever the last one was so yes, I’d say her shooting from afar is better than the majority as well.

    Nweke would be my only shoe in for the ferns at this point. She is one dimensional but she is dominant in this league. I just hope it translates to Internationals and they don’t have anyone who can out jump her as it would all fall to pieces for us if they did.

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