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I thought Proud had the better of Moloney on the weekend when they were directly against each other. I haven’t looked but Moloney seems to be incurring a lot of contacts this season. But could be wrong just something I thought on the weekend.

Actually speaking of stats does anyone know of if there is somewhere I can find stat broken down in a team by team comparison? Eg, ranking of the 8 teams by intercepts or rebounds or super shots etc to see which teams have the most and least?

Price was brilliant in round 1. At this point I would say Braz, Price, Hadley and Watson have the the inside running on selection. Not saying I would go that way but given they are performing as individual athletes and won the Quad Series for anyone else to push in they will have to be amazing to give SM a reason to drop someone from there.

I wonder if Klau playing GD opens the door a little for Mannix to push for selection?

As for Horjus – Dwan combo, I think they need time. They may not be as competitive on rebounds as Austin – Samason but they are both 6 feet. But in terms of court play I’d say the first combination looked smoother than the latter has (although it only lasted about 5 minutes). Despite that the latter combination should be developed so the Horjus – Dwan should definitely be pursued. Horjus is the stronger player IMO so should be the starting GA.