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    Just a few little pointers for those that haven’t played before, regarding trading and the new price changes…

    Firstly, now that we’ve had 3 rounds, the thing you need to do is forget all about that $750,000 salary cap figure that you started with. That means nothing now. You don’t have to try to stay under that figure. In fact, ideally, you want your team to end up worth WAY more than that figure.

    The amount you need to keep track of now is how much you have left in the bank each week. You use that to work out how much you can spend on new players. For example, if you have $20,000 left in the bank after last week, and you’re selling a player for $50,000, that means you can buy a player for up to $70,000. So keep track of whatever money you have left over after you do your trades each week.

    You buy and sell players for the new price that comes out each round. If you bought a player for $50,000, but they are now only worth $40,000, that’s what you sell them for. Likewise, if they’ve risen to $70,000, you sell them for that. The same applies to players you’re buying. You buy them for whatever their new price is.

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