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    I really think they need to take away the sensationalised aspect of the full on contact and clashing between players, like yes it happenes but we dont need the commentators praising it and definitely dont need a replay of ever body on body contact when someone gets hit to the ground. I also think the Aussie Umpires need to take a leaf out of the NZ umpires book and warn/caution players early to stem the flow of unnecessary contacts. This batch of umpires this year leave a lot to be desired (yes not to umpire bash but seriously how do they miss so much, and i am national b badge so i dont have some experience)

    Is it just me or does JLP step almost every time she has the ball??

    And if you all havent noticed from my previous messages that im a stickler from players stepping hahaha, if at this level you cant not step then go play basketball.

    Any other team id start Rahni as either GS or GA, her shot is so effecient in technique and accuracy.

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